Thursday, September 3, 2009

The toddler that never ceases to amuse

Our little tiger of a toddler is 2 and 3/4 years old. Or as she says, "two and a half", and will say so until the day she turns three. Everyday she comes up with some phrase or saying that makes me laugh. And so I thought I should share them with more than my mom and my husband, and also so I can remember what I thought was so hilarious.

Today's quotes...

I am mixing up coconut pancake batter this morning.
Little Bean: "Is there eggs in this?"
LB: "Can I taste it?" (repeat 1200 times)
Me: "No, there aren't eggs, these are vegan pancakes
Tastes batter
LB: "This tastes so much like vegan"
LB: "I like the cupcakes you baked that had this stuff in it" (I made coconut ones a few months ago)
LB: "This really tastes so much like vegan"

Phone call at lunchtime
LB: "Hi Muckin, I'm making ants on a log"
Muckin: "That's nice"
LB: "I made some for Momma and me and Dadda"
Muckin: "Oh, for Daddy, too?"
LB: "No, for Daddy Griffin"

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