Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Frogs and jewelry

Today we went to one of the local nurseries to track down some turtles. At the pond, we did discover a swimming turtle. However the comment of note was regarding frogs. Non-existent frogs, but frogs nonetheless...

"Each of the frogs has their own piddle pad". When removed from her carseat, her piddlepad does resemble a lily pad. I guess the frogs might need a safe place to pee in an emergency.

The second chuckle occured while we were playing dress-up and dance. She got a bunch of bracelets from my jewelry box and loaded them up on her arms. She then selected about 4 for me to wear, in particular she handed me a copper cuff.

"Here mom, you take this big ole clunky one". What does this say about her? Or me?

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