Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sibling rivalry begins

Driving to preschool this morning, the little bean says,
"Stop looking out my window, Sissy"
1. The baby is 10 months old. She doesn't purposefully do anything to annoy you, little bean. yet.
2. It is my car. I own it, they are all MOM's windows.
3. This is only the beginning.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I know what I want to be when I grow up...

a secuewity gawd!

A what, little bean?

A suh-key-yew-ity gawd.

Oh. a security gaurd. Interesting. And why is that?

So I can keep all the peoples safe!

If only that were true my dear, sweet girl.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm not stylish

The little one dressed herself for a walk wearing a bright fuschia tunic, tight gray leggings, Keen sandals and a plaid pink fedora. She requested carrying pink plastic dressup heels to put on at our destination.
Mom: You are really stylish Little Bean
LB: No, I'm not stylish. I'm nothing. Nothing but me.

That is certainly true.

Later that evening she recited a poem to me, a love letter to Hahsbarrows (I have NO idea how to spell this invented gentleman's name, this is as phonetic as I can get it). The poem involved his illness, a forest, holding hands, and kissing among other things. I can't believe I didn't get it on video. Um, this kid is 3 years old. Her TV exposure is limited to Nick Jr, Curious George and the main trio of Disney princess movies: Mermaid, Belle, and Cinderella. Makes me wanna believe in past lives.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can I have one apricot?

LB: Mom, can I have one apricot, please?
Mom: Yes, babe, you can have one apricot.
(She gets the dried apricots out of the pantry, and takes out a nice big wad of 6 apricots from the bag).
Mom: Um, little one, that doesn't look like ONE apricot.
LB: Yes Momma, it's one clump of apricots...

Mom: Little bean, did the baby just put something in her mouth from the floor?
LB: Yes.
Mom: Did you see what it was?
LB: Some crap.

Mom: What did you have for snack at school today?
LB: Teddy grahams. Some brown teddy grahams and some that were not brown. And chocolate milk.
Mom: Ooh, chocolate milk. You've never had chocolate mik before! What did you think?
LB: Oh, it really cools you down. (It was a very gray and gloomy day that day, don't know if that helps frame the strangeness of her reply).

Never mind that she also insists on calling the husband and I by our given names. Ah, how to regain the respect of a precocious 3 year old?!?!?!?