Sunday, September 20, 2009

Daddy's not sharing!!!!

Part I
Me:"Why are you crying, sweetheart?"
Little bean:"Sob sob sob"
(Lots of crying, tears streaming down her face)
LB:"I need that twisty thing"
Me: "Twisty thing?"
LB: "Uh huh, the one that Daddy's using"
Me: "Um, you mean the drill? That Dad is fixing stuff with"
LB: "Uh huh, sob sob sob. Daddy's not sharing his driller with me" "It's my turn!"

Yeah, all 2 1/2 year old's play with drills. ALL THE TIME.

Part II
Little Sis is fussing a little in her bouncy seat.
LB: "Calm down my sweetie, calm down" as she strokes the baby's cheek.
So sweet, I almost forgot about when she pulled her off the couch earlier. "She likes to slide off". Right.
PS, the drill was not involved in Part II in any way.

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