Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Naughty Streak

Well, the little bean has been on a naughty streak for a few weeks now, so she has been a bit more annoying than funny. But she did come up with some pretty funny stuff in the last few days...

She is on a tricycle ride with her dad, when she stops mid-pedal and asks to take off her helmet.
"I'm not going to ride with it off, I just want to sit here and feel the breeze in my hair".

Then this morning I noticed a few extra hershey kisses are missing from her advent stocking (she gets one per day until Christmas eve).
"There are some in the drawer over there, Mom".
"Why are they in the drawer?"
"Because the baby was going to crawl up there and shove them all in her mouth".

Ah, the imagination of an almost-three-year=old.

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